PainKillers is a punk-rock band born in Agrate, near Milan, in 2013.
It is composed by four members, each of them aged eighteen: Andrea Casati as singer and guitarist, Stefano Calzà as lead guitarist and second singer, Davide Baschieri as bassist and Federico Palaia as drummer.

At first composed by Stefano Calzà and Federico Palaia, after some changes, with the entrance of Andrea Casati and subsequently of Davide Baschieri, during the fall of 2015 the band reaches the actual conformation.

In their short musical career, in addition to several concerts near Milan, they published an unreleased self-produced ep and two singles followed by videoclips, making themselves known in the musical environment.
In 2019 they sign with the label Valery Records based in Milan, with the purpose of the publish of their first studio album.

Their sound derives from the ‘70s American punk and nowadays punk-rock; inspirations, for their music, are the historical Californian punk bands.
In their songs are united fast rhythms and distorted guitars with melodic lines both aggressive and catchy.